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Suppose I said I am on my best behavior


mrsbusybody21 [at] eljay The quick version of me is that I was born and raised in Indiana. I currently live in Georgia and I hate it here. I just graduated nursing school which was hell on earth! I don't update my lj unless I feel that I have something to ramble on about, or goshdarnheck nudges me. My obsessions can change on a whim and do so quite frequently.fandomTelevision wise I am a Food Network junkie. I also love Burn Notice, Dexter, Castle, Glee, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, CSI NY, Criminal Minds, Psych, Kids in the Hall, and 24.musicIn the music department I like a variety. Currently I think I'm leaning more towards Paolo Nutini Rob Thomas and oldies but I do love finding new artists.

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24, abby sciuto, aj buckley, alice, alice hamilton, alicia keys, alton brown, amos lee, andrew lee potts, andrew-lee potts, arrested development, b.b. king, blues brothers, bruce mcculloch, buddy guy, burton "gus" guster, bushwalla, cabin fever, caitlin "kate" todd, caleb kane, carlos bernard, chloe o'brian, christain kane, christopher meloni, chuck, criminal minds, csi, csi ny, csi:ny, dane cook, dave barnes, dave foley, david bowie, david ryan harris, denis leary, dennis haysbert, dexter, dirty jobs, doctor who, don flack, doyle bramhall, dr. donald 'ducky' mallard, dr. sheldon hawkes, dule hill, eddie cahill, edgar stiles, eli roth, elton john, empire records, eric balfour, eric szmanda, family guy, firefly, greg sanders, hairspray, hawkesly workman, homestar runner, hostel, hostel part ii, house, hugh laurie, iron chef, jack bauer, james gunn, janis joplin, jared padalecki, jason mraz, jeffrey dean morgan, jenna fischer, jensen ackles, jimi hendrix, john krasinski, john mayer, john mayer trio, josh kelley, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, kiefer sutherland, kill bill, labyrinth, leroy jethro gibbs, lie to me, mac taylor, mark harmon, mark mckinney, matthew gray gubler, michael buble, michael c hall, michael ian black, michael rosenbaum, michael weatherly, mike birbiglia, milo pressman, mitch headburg, morris o'brian, music, mythbusters, never mind the buzzcocks, nick swardson, orgazmo, oz, paolo nutini, pauley perrette, psych, quentin tarantino, rainn wilson, rascal flatts, ray lamontagne, reno 911, rescue me, robert downey jr, rosario dawson, rufus wainwright, sasha alexander, scott thompson, scotty crowe, scrubs, shawn pander, shawn spencer, sid hammerback, simon amstell, slither, south park, stephen colbert, stephen lynch, steve carlson, stevie ray vaughn, supernatural, tenacious d, the colbert report, the muppets, the office, tim curry, tim roth, toby lightman, tom brady, tony almeida, tory belleci