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Mayer - username

July 2007

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Mayer - username

Yep I did it

I was getting too many weird anonymous comments and it was creeping me out
I am not picky about friending people just ask me and I'll most likely add you if we have talked before or have something in common.


*jumping up and down*
Sarah! Sarah, add me! Add me! :D
Oh, and just so you know...I wasn't the one sending you weird anonymous messages.
*raises eyebrow*
okay.....if you say so Jen :P
Jen dear, you already are added :P
You were the second person I ever added to me LJ :D
I was making sure. :P
your silly :P
:D i love your FO banner! ;)

Thank you ma'am I love it myself :D
They need to have sexuals and let people watch it
Hey, I saw that you had Eli Roth listed as one of your interests. I recently made a new community for fans of his work if you'd be interested. Hope to see you there.


P.S. Sorry to have to comment on your personal journal about this.
Well thank you so very much for inviting me! I adore Eli! I am on vaca right now and have limited computer access right now but I will be home soon and I have a bunch of icons that I will be willing to share with everyone :)
Great! I look forward to it! :D
Hi there. I was looking through mp3_share and you said you were looking for the Paolo Nutini CD: Festival Edition..but you crossed it out in your post. Do you still have the link or do you know the person who gave you the link to download? I would appreciate it very much, thanks!

I posted on like 4 different ljs trying to get that CD that I don't remember were I got it. If you want I can upload it for you.
Hahah oh ok. Yeah I would really appreciate it but there's no rush if you want to upload it. Thanks!
hello! you seem totally rad, mind if i friend you? :o)
(and im not quite a complete random, you commented my banner and i loved you icon. remember me? *waves*)
I do remember you! Hello!

I found your post in the Doctor Who friending meme.
We have a lot in common!

Added you =)
I added you back!
We're both in the kidsinthehall community so I figured I'd add you :) Hope that's okay!
Its totally fine! I friended you back!
Totally from that friending meme at nytel's lj. <3


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